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Musical Instruments

1. Do you think children should learn to play musical instruments?
There are numerous positive outcomes for children who start learning an
instrument. It gives them more self-assurance and teaches them discipline and
persistence and in my opinion, everyone should at least learn to play any one
instrument because it helps in restoring mind peace.

2. Do you think it’s important to give music classes in school?
Yes for sure, I do think that schools need to have music classes in their
curriculum, so that students don’t get bored of studying all the time and also can
build a hobby of music if they are interested in it.

3. How do you feel about those kids who know how to play lots of
Those who know how to play more than one instrument are very talented in the
field of music and I definitely think they should pursue their career in the music
industry only.

4. How do you feel about the phenomenon that parents in Vietnam are always
forcing their kids to learn all kinds of instruments?
In my opinion, children regardless of where they are from shouldn’t be forced to
learn anything if they don’t have an interest in that. Also, parents in Vietnam
should not force their kids to learn instruments without them having interest
because they will not learn it with full passion and their heart which is not worth it

5. Do you play any instruments? And what is it?
Yes, I am a major admirer of the guitar, and I began learning to play the guitar at
a young age. When I play the guitar, my happy hormones are released through
my bloodstream, and it provides a fantastic escape whenever I experience stress
in my life.

3. Kişi ve kurumlarla paylaşılmamak kaydıyla, üyelik sözleşmesini kabul ediyor ve formda belirttiğim iletişim kanallarından bana ulaşılmasına izin veriyorum. Kurumunuzdan tarafıma yapılacak reklam, promosyon ve çeşitli kampanyalar dahil olmak üzere her türlü bilgilendirme amacıyla kullanılmasına muvafakat ettiğimi bildiririm.