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1. Are dictionaries used a lot in schools in your country?
Yes, the usage of dictionaries is more in schools in my country.

2. What kind of information can you find in a dictionary?
A dictionary contains a variety of informational categories. However, the most
valuable knowledge is the “meaning” of the words. A dictionary also includes
information about how a word should be “spoken,” how it should be “used” in
natural language, as well as its synonyms and antonyms.

3. Do you think dictionaries are useful for learning a language?
Yes, I believe that dictionaries are really helpful while learning a new language,
as there is no better or simpler method to comprehend the meaning of new
words and terminology than by utilising a dictionary. Moreover, a dictionary helps
us grasp the “context” in which specific words are used, in addition to providing
synonyms that greatly expand our vocabulary.

4. Do you prefer paper or electronic dictionaries?
Both options sound acceptable to me. The paper edition is pretty innovative, but I
dislike the thought of lugging about a large, thick book merely to check up terms
sometimes. I’d rather use the built-in dictionary on my Kindle e-book reader so I
don’t have to carry too many items.

5. What kinds of dictionaries do you think are the most useful?
I feel that everything relies on the requirements and preferences of the individual.
I find very useful dictionaries that include “pictures” with the definitions of words,
as well as grammatical information, synonyms, and antonyms of the words I

3. Kişi ve kurumlarla paylaşılmamak kaydıyla, üyelik sözleşmesini kabul ediyor ve formda belirttiğim iletişim kanallarından bana ulaşılmasına izin veriyorum. Kurumunuzdan tarafıma yapılacak reklam, promosyon ve çeşitli kampanyalar dahil olmak üzere her türlü bilgilendirme amacıyla kullanılmasına muvafakat ettiğimi bildiririm.