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1. What season is good for traveling in your hometown?
Autumn is perhaps the ideal season to travel. As the temperature is neither too hot nor
too chilly, residents will feel at ease being outdoors. Moreover, when the leaves of trees
turn yellow or red, you will be surrounded by magnificent landscapes. Wherever you
travel, you will have an unforgettable journey.

2. What are the differences between different seasons?
In my nation, there are four distinct seasons, and I believe the greatest variation is in
temperature. Summer is often the driest season, while winter is freezing. The autumn
and spring seasons are not unpleasant.Moreover,summer and winter are the longest
seasons, while fall and spring are the shortest. In addition, individuals select various
sorts of clothing for each season. For instance, in the summer, people like to wear light
clothing, but in the winter, they choose woolen garments.

3. What’s your least favorite season in your country?
I suppose it’s summer, despite the fact that it’s my favorite season, since it’s far too hot
everywhere, which will disrupt everything, especially people’s desire to fall asleep at
night. Most individuals dislike being drenched in perspiration. Moreover, women are
preoccupied with having a pale complexion, therefore they are always concerned about
tanning in the summer.

4. What do people in your country like to do in different seasons?
Residents in my country tend to participate in water activities during the hotter months of
the year, which allows them to beat the heat. On the other hand, in order to keep
themselves warm throughout the winter, people frequently stay indoors and enjoy hot

5. What’s your favorite season?
That perfectly encapsulates the summer. My favorite things to do are to soak up the sun
at the seaside and eat ice cream. After spending so much time during the winter
suffering from cold and after spending or traveling indoors during the rainy, participating
in these activities makes me feel more alive.

3. Kişi ve kurumlarla paylaşılmamak kaydıyla, üyelik sözleşmesini kabul ediyor ve formda belirttiğim iletişim kanallarından bana ulaşılmasına izin veriyorum. Kurumunuzdan tarafıma yapılacak reklam, promosyon ve çeşitli kampanyalar dahil olmak üzere her türlü bilgilendirme amacıyla kullanılmasına muvafakat ettiğimi bildiririm.