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IELTS Sınavında Email Konusu ile ilgili sorulan sorular ve cevaplarını sizin açın hazırladık.
1. How often do you check your mail?
Being a web developer means always checking my inbox. In order to respond
quickly to clients’ emails, I have to keep my account active at all times. In addition,
this aids in enhancing my company’s ability to provide excellent service.
2. Do you think writing emails has strengthened or weakened people’s writing
I think that writing emails helps people improve their writing skills. We all know that
email is one of the most common ways to talk in a business setting. So, it’s pretty
much true that putting together proper content makes a person’s writing more
3. What are some of the disadvantages of e-mails?
There are a lot of bad things about emails. But I think that malicious and other
unnecessary emails are a big problem. They often have viruses that are dangerous
and can damage our computers. I also think that to use this service, you need an
email account, a working internet connection, and a computer on both ends.
4. Do you send and receive emails regularly?
Yes! Working for a telecom company makes sending and receiving emails an integral
part of my day. Email is the sole means by which I keep in touch with my coworkers.
5. Do you think sending emails will be more or less popular in the future?
To be really honest, I anticipate a decline in the use of electronic mail in the next few
years. Smartphones will continue to rise in popularity as people increasingly rely on
messaging apps to have real-time, hands-free conversations.
3. Kişi ve kurumlarla paylaşılmamak kaydıyla, üyelik sözleşmesini kabul ediyor ve formda belirttiğim iletişim kanallarından bana ulaşılmasına izin veriyorum. Kurumunuzdan tarafıma yapılacak reklam, promosyon ve çeşitli kampanyalar dahil olmak üzere her türlü bilgilendirme amacıyla kullanılmasına muvafakat ettiğimi bildiririm.