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Akademik Sınavlarda ve günlük ingilizcede en yaygın kullanılan phrasal verbleri sizin için derledik.İyi çalışmalar dileriz.

1. break in sth: bir yere zorla girmek
The burglars broke in through the kitchen window.

2. get along: iyi geçinmek
I don’t really get along with my sister’s husband.

3. make for : gitmek, koyulmak, ilerlemek
He got up and made for the exit.

4. run into: rastmalak, karşılaşmak
The system had run into a number of technical problems.

5. throw away: atmak, atıp kurtulmak, çöpe atmak
He read the magazine and then threw it away.

6. lead to : neden olmak
A poor diet can lead to health problems in later life.

7. account for: bir bütünün parçası olmak, bir bölümünü oluşturmak
Iraqi oil exports account for about 1 percent of world supply.

8. go up: artmak
Prices have gone up 61 percent since deregulation.

9. pass out:bayılmak
I don’t remember any more because I passed out at that point.

10. show off: göstermek, gösteriş yapmak
He had been showing off for her at the poker table.

11. wipe out: tamamen ortadan kaldırmak
The oil spill could wipe out the area’s turtle population.

12. hand out : dağıtmak,vermek
A girl was handing out leaflets at the station.

13. abide by : kurallara uymak, itaat etmek
President Bill Clinton has asked Congress to abide by the result.

14. depend on: bağlı olmak ya da güvenmek
Which plan you choose depends on the needs of your family.

15. look after: bakmak, ilgilenmek
The Child Care Centre looks after about 25 children on campus.

16. seal off: giriş çıkışı engellemek
Workers planned to seal off the area around the building later Thursday.

17. take in: anlamak, kavramak
It was an interesting lecture but there was just too much to take in.

18.crop up : aniden meydana gelmek, baş göstermek
The same old problems kept cropping up.

19.hand down : nesilden nesile aktarmak
This custom has been handed down through the generations.

20.fall out: küsmek, arası bozulmak
Have you and Sam fallen out with each other again?

21. embark on: girişimde bulunmak
You’re never too old to embark on a new career.

22. fed up with sb/sth: bıkmak, usanmak
The majority in both peoples is fed up with the situation.

23. bring sth about: bir şeyin olmasını sağlamak, neden olmak
The protests have helped bring about democratic changes in South Korea.

24. carry out: yapmak, tamamlamak, başarmak
We will have to carry out some very precise navigational operations

25. come across: kazara bulmak ya da karşılaşmak
He came across some old love letters.

26. drop in/by: kısa bir ziyarette bulunmak; uğramak
I dropped in on George on my way home from school.

27. give away: (ücretsiz) elden çıkarmak, vermek
We have six copies of the book to give away.

28. hold out: dayanmak, yetmek, yeteri miktarda var olmak
He can only hold out a few more weeks.

29. hold up: (silah ve zorla) soymak, geciktirmek, yavaşlatmak
A thief ran off with hundreds of pounds yesterday after holding up a petrol station.

30. keep on: bir şeyi yapmayı sürdürmek; devam etmek
The best way to be innovative is to keep on learning.

31. look into: incelemek; (nedenini) araştırmak
They are looking into the causes of the accident.

32. make up: oluşturmak, meydana getirmek
Ethnic Albanians make up 90 percent of the population in Kosovo.

33. pull through: iyileşmek, sağlığına kavuşmak
She pulls through her illness and becomes closer to Blake and Krystle.

34. put on(2) : (tavır) takınmak; …mış/miş gibi davranmak
He’s not really upset, he’s just putting it on.

35. sort out: halletmek, düzenlemek
It would be best to sort out any problems through internal discussion.

36. try out: yaparak sınamak, uygulayarak denemek
We’re going to try out that new restaurant tonight.

37. turn sb away: geri çevirmek; girmesine izin vermemek
By 10 o’clock the club was already full and they were turning people away.

38. cut sb off : sözünü kesmek, telefonu kapatmak
She cut me off in the middle of our conversation.

39. back off: desteklemekten vazgeçmek, arka çıkmamak,geri adım atmak
The union has publicly backed off that demand

40. chip in: konuşmanın arasına girmek, sözünü kesmek
I’ll start and you can all chip in with your comments.

41. count on sb: birine güvenmek
You can always count on him in a crisis.

42. keep away: uzak durmak, yaklaşmamak, geride durmak
Many rural villages also have set up roadblocks to keep away outsiders.

43. look for: birşeyi aramak
We will continue to look for ways to strengthen these mechanisms.

44. pick up (2): kapmak, edinmek; (beceri/dil)
The robot can move and pick up objects on its own.

45. put away: her zamanki yerine koymak
She folded the towels and put them away in the cupboard.

46. put sb up:misafir etmek,barındırmak
If you need somewhere to stay, we can put you up for the night.

47. take place: meydana gelmek
The meeting will take place next week.

48. wear on: ağır ağır geçmek/ilerlemek; geçmek bilmemek
As time wore on she became more and more unhappy.

49. back up sb: birini desteklemek, arka çıkmak
Wilkie did not provide any documents to back up his claims.

50. come up with: fikir,çözüm bulmak
Innovative companies generously reward people who come up with bright ideas.

51. do away with: kaldırmak , kurtulmak, çözmek
We should do away with this holiday because it only divides people.

52. give up: vazgeçmek
Coastguards had given up all hope of finding the two divers alive.

53. make out: başarıyla sürdürmek/yapmak, başarıyla götürmek
How is Jake making out in his new school?

54. point out: bildirmek, işaret etmek, anlatmak, söylemek, belirtmek
If he makes a mistake I always think it’s best to point it out immediately.

55. put out:ışığı kapatmak, ateşi söndürmek,evin dışına çıkarmak
A small fire started by petrol bombs was quickly put out.

56. settle down: biryere yerleşmek
One day I’ll want to settle down and have a family.

57. stir up: ortalığı karıştırmak, kışkırtmak
He said senior government officials were trying to stir up ethnic tension.

58. wear out: fazlasıyla yormak, canına okumak, tüketmek
The past few days had really worn him out.

59. bring sb up: büyütmek, yetiştirmek
I had to bring up the two sons on my own.

60. call sth off: birşeyi iptal etmek
Conference organizers said they had no plans to call off the meetings.

61. cut down on sth: bir şeyi azaltmak
He has cut down on traveling because of his health problems.

62. give in: kabul etmek
Officials say they won’t give in to the workers’ demands.

63. keep up: yetişmek, aynı seviyeye gelmek, erişmek, ulaşmak
She was walking so fast I couldn’t keep up with her.

64. pass away : ölmek
She passed away peacefully in her sleep.

65. put aside: saklamak, biriktirmek
I’ve been putting a bit of money aside every month.

66. set off: yolculuğa çıkmak
What time are you setting off tomorrow morning?

67. stand for sth: …ı/ temsil etmek, anlamına gelmek
UFO stands for ‘undentfed flyng object’.

68. figure out : halletmek, çözmek
I never could figure out what she was doing.

69. break down: bozulmak, çalışmamak
Our car broke down and we had to push it off the road.

70. carry on sth: devam etmek, ilerlemek
I hope we can carry on our conversations politely.

71. die down : hafiflemek, dinmek ( Etki )
The fight died down after a visit to the police station.

72. draw up: (plan, resmi antlaşma, liste vb.) düzenlemek
Officials said they would draw up a privatization plan within two weeks.

73. lean on : (zor durumlarda) destek almak, dayanmak
In time the prime minister may lean on the president for advice.

74. pick out: seçmek, ayırt etmek, belirlemek
She picked out a red shirt for me to try on.

75. put off:ertelemek
More and more travelers put off planning until the last minute.

76. show up: ortaya çıkmak
I waited for nearly half an hour, but he didn’t show up.

77. take after: birine benzemek; özelliklerini taşımak; …a/e çekmek
Ted’s always been difficult, Mr Kemp–he takes after his dad.

78. break up : ayrılmak, yolları ayırmak
He’s just broken up with his girlfriend.

79. blow up: patlamak,patlatmak, birden ortaya çıkmak
They were carrying explosives to blow up warships in the harbor.

80. catch up : yetişmek
Will Western industry ever catch up with Japanese innovations?

81. drop out: bırakmak, terketmek, tamamlamamak
He dropped out of school at 14.

82. hand in: teslim etmek, vermek
I have just handed my history essay in.

83. look down on:küçümsemek
The other noble families began to look down on the Ma family.

84. miss out: kaçırmak, kaybetmek
I got there late and missed out on all the fun.

85. put on:giyinmek
You’d better put your coat on, it’s cold outside.

86. shake sth off: …dan/den kurtulmak/paçasını kurtarmak; atlatmak
I hope I can shake off this cold before the weekend.

87. take over: üstlenmek
They’ve recently been taken over by a larger company.

88. wear off : zamanla kaybolmak/etkisini yitirmek/azalmak
The anaesthetic is starting to wear off.

89. break out: patlak vermek, birden meydana gelmek
Fighting has broken out all over the city.

90. bump into sb: birine rastlamak
I bump into a lot of guys who are sleeping under bridges.

91. find out: öğrenmek
I must find out the train times.

92. get by: kıt kanaat geçinmek
Most residents get by on less than a dollar a day.

93. look over: hızlıca incelemek, gözden geçirmek
I’m just looking over what you’ve written.

94. pick up:toparlanmak, iyiye gitmek
Business is really starting to pick up now.

95. put up with: katlanmak
If you go to the Midwest you put up with tornadoes.

96. come down with: bir hastalığa yakalanmak
I think I’m coming down with flu.

97. get over: kendine gelmek, iyileşmek
We have to give him time to get over the trauma.

98. get rid of: kurtulmak
Get rid of most or all of your existing credit cards.

99. look up to: hayran olmak, saygı duymak
The younger guys could look up to him and learn from him.

100. make off with : çalmak
Masked robbers broke in and made off with $8,000.

101. make up for: telafi etmek
There’s nothing that will make up for her loss.

102. run out of: birşeyin bitmesi,tükenmek
Technically, the fund will run out of money in June.

103. see sb off:yolcu etmek, uğurlamak
My parents came to the airport to see me off.

104. stand by (2) : hazır beklemek; bekleme listesinde olmak
Doctors were standing by to treat the injured passengers.

105. stand by sb:desteklemek
She stood by him throughout his troubled career.

106. tear down: yıkmak, yerle bir etmek
Angry citizens have torn down the statue of the politician.

107. try on: (üzerinde) denemek
Could I try this dress on, please?

108. turn up : varmak, gelmek, ortaya çıkmak, görünmek
Fred turned up late again.

109. turn sb/ sth down: reddetmek; geri çevirmek; kabul etmemek
They did offer me the job, but I turned it down.

110. ask for : istemek, dilemek
He’s asked for a bike for his birthday.

3. Kişi ve kurumlarla paylaşılmamak kaydıyla, üyelik sözleşmesini kabul ediyor ve formda belirttiğim iletişim kanallarından bana ulaşılmasına izin veriyorum. Kurumunuzdan tarafıma yapılacak reklam, promosyon ve çeşitli kampanyalar dahil olmak üzere her türlü bilgilendirme amacıyla kullanılmasına muvafakat ettiğimi bildiririm.